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Founded in Bridgeville, PA, Bend the Bridge Yoga is a space that offers tranquility, balance, strength and community.

Bend the Bridge Yoga was born on an idea of passion between yoga, human connection, and maintaining a long term healthy physical and mental lifestyle.  Our outer and inner bodies are constantly shifting.  Bend the Bridge will be a place that can bridge the gaps between body, breath and mind.  It takes a village no matter what circumstance you are in and Bend the Bridge is here to hold a loving space for you to build your bridge.  







3249 Washington Pike, #1001 Bridgeville, PA 15017



Vinyasa Foundations

In Vinyasa Foundations we will break down the fundamental postures of the Vinyasa flow practice.  A great opportunity to learn how to build a Vinyasa flow practice or refine your current practice to get the most out of it.  All levels are welcome


6 week beginner's series

A perfect opportunity to start from the ground up with yoga, the 6 week beginner's series will cover the basics of yoga including breath, proper alignment of basic poses and modifications for injuries.  Once you have signed up for the series you will be with the same group once a week for 6 weeks, encouraging a more comfortable environment for those who are not sure where to start.  At the end of the 6 week series, you will find yourself more focused, grounded and stronger...mind, body and spirit. **Our next 6 Week Beginner's Series will start on October 9th, 2017**


Vinyasa Flow

A regular flow class, connecting the breath with each movement and cultivating heat in the body throughout the flow. Modifications and amplifications are offered during the class so that one can tailor the practice to their needs. 


Slow Flow

A slower paced Vinyasa flow that will warm and strengthen the body.  A perfect next step from our Vinyasa Foundations and Beginner's Series classes.


Warm Vinyasa Flow

A Vinyasa flow practice in a room that is heated between 86-90 degrees.  A purifying and detoxifying way to start or finish your day.  



In these classes, we will use props and blankets to modify traditional yoga poses.  The supportive postures gently open the body to deep relaxation.  Restorative/Gentle yoga is a perfect way to slow down and find stillness, especially during stressful times.  Postures are held for extended times with the support of props..


Prenatal Yoga

Our prenatal yoga classes are designed especially for the pregnant woman's needs.  You will learn effective breathing techniques, pelvic floor exercises, fetal positioning for labor, as well as postures to release tension in the neck, shoulders and back.  Classes also provide a a supportive and caring community among expectant mothers.  No previous yoga experience is necessary. 


Mommy & Me Postnatal Yoga

A yoga class that allows mothers to practice yoga in a supportive community environment.  Expect to gradually build strength back to your body as you progress.  Babies are often incorporated into the practice through interactive exercises and songs


Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a set of physical poses (asanas) designed to align the muscles and the bones without a flow.  It is intended to create a balance of strength and flexibility and requires that one pay special attention to the breath, which help calm the fluctuations of the mind.  



A Yoga inspired series of stretches, BTB stretch is a perfect compliment to any existing fitness regimen or anyone looking to get a good stretch in.  Runners, athletes, and anyone looking to ease back into healing or movement, this class is sure to help you open up and find flexibility in a very replenishing way!  



An invitation to explore the mind-body continuum through adaptable asana, breath, and alignment awareness.  Learning how to utilize blankets, bolsters, and assorted props to find steadiness and ease in the pose.  Gentle movement and selective sequencing will leave you feeling empowered and soothed inside and out.



Join Holistic Health Coach Bobbi DiClaudio and a BTB Instructor for an enlightening 3 part series on Awareness, Intention and Acceptance.  We will tie these important concepts in as it relates to your yoga practice, personal nutrition, and a mindful approach to life.  The outlined schedule will be as follows:

Week 1 - Awareness with Bobbi & Erin

Week 2 - Intention with Bobbi & Elisabeth

Week 3 - Acceptance with Bobbi & Amanda

Each session will be 75 minutes long with a 25 minute yoga practice and 50 minutes of discussion as it relates to "On The Mat, At The Table, & In Your Life".  $25 per session or $69 for all three sessions.  This powerful opportunity to connect as a community and dig deeper into your life with support is not to be missed!


Erin Grace



Yoga has been an important part of Erin’s life since 2001.  Weaving in and out of different styles and life experiences over the years, yoga has remained a constant throughout.  She received her 200 hour teacher training through Yoga Yoga in Austin, TX and Prenatal Yoga teacher training through Om Mama LLC.  She believes in a teaching style that pulls out the best possible yogi in every student.  She brings heart and enthusiasm into her teaching, and her classes hold a nurturing space that encourages students to feel love, strength, and confidence.  Erin enjoys spending time with her two young daughters, husband and 3 pets. Yoga has played a significant role in guiding her through balancing self, family and children. She is grateful to share that with others and teach what she loves. 



Yoga has been a part of Elisabeth's life for 4 years now.  Her practice has helped her grow stronger, more flexible and fearless both on and off the mat.  Yoga inspires her to live each moment mindfully and to be gentler with herself and her surroundings.  She is so grateful to be able to teach something that she is so passionate about.  To be able to guide people into a place of peace, a place of no judgments or expectations, and to watch them come alive in class with energy and strength is incredible.  In her classes, she loves to combine creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness, and provide an atmosphere that will allow students to challenge themselves as much as they would like to.  Her hope is that you step off your mat feeling refreshed and balanced.  Most importantly, she hopes you leave feeling stronger in all aspects...mind, body, and spirit. "Do what you love, love what you do". - Namaste



When it comes to teaching yoga, Amanda’s greatest joy comes from watching how even the simplest of yoga practices can inspire transformation in the lives of her students.  Amanda believes that we all arrive at our mat for our own unique reasons. Regardless of those reasons, as we allow the yoga practice into our lives, we then give ourselves a safe space to learn and grow, both on and off our mats.  Amanda has learned some of her greatest life lessons from her yoga practice, such as body acceptance and mind-body awareness. She also values the learned ability to transfer the peace and trust that is cultivated on the mat into her daily life. Suffering from sciatica and back pain due to a small curve in her spine, Amanda has found relief through her practice.  Amanda believes the yoga practice continually provides opportunities to evolve; the dymanic challenge of balancing self-improvement with self-acceptance led Amanda to the practice almost 10 years ago. She became a certified RYT- 200 after completing training at YogaFlow Pittsburgh in 2017. Amanda is thrilled to be a part of the Bend the Bridge Community and looks forward to seeing you on the mat!  



Denise attended her first yoga class in 2002. After steady and continued practice, she noticed not only increased physical strength but also an unexplained happiness and peace. Yoga was her answer to balance and self-acceptance. With a background in nursing, Denise is drawn to the healing aspects of yoga. She strives to help others find in themselves the peace, contentment, and strength that she gains from her own practice. She strongly believes that yoga can benefit everyone and that everyone can practice yoga, regardless of age, body type, personality or physical restrictions.  In 2012,  Denise completed her 200 hour teacher training at Yoga H'Om in Pittsburgh. When not practicing yoga, Denise works as a registered nurse and enjoys reading, being outdoors, and spending time with her husband and two daughters. 



Britney Kwiatek is an RYT specializing in beginners, vigorous flow and restorative practices. Her training comes from a 200 hour YOGAworks certification, 2013. Her study was done under the mentorship of Anna Gilbert Zupon at Breathe Yoga Studio. It is Britney’s mission in conjunction with the mission of Yogaworks to teach a signature style balancing precise instruction, alignment with breath, fluid movement andthoughtful sequencing. Britney’s educational background is a BA in English literature from Dickinson College, Carlise, Pa. Work history involves sales management positions in major medical device companies. When She is not practicing yoga or spending time with her family, as a busy mom of 2 boys, Jude and Julian, Britney loves running, Cross training, Mud Runs and 5K’s.  Britney is also very involved in charitable groups/volunteering in and out of the South Fayette Community. Rooted in Pittsburgh, Britney looks to share her passion of Yoga with community.




If you ever practice with Anita you’ll notice that she smiles a lot.  It’s because she feels the practice in her soul, and she wants others to experience the same thing.  Her teaching style is athletic and strong, but also focuses on your individual timing, meditation and cleansing breaths.   She strives for a clear, awake mind, and living a purposeful life both on and off the mat!  Her aim as a yoga teacher is to challenge you physically, to help you to be present in yourself, to feel whatever comes up and be okay with who you are, on and off the mat, and maybe laugh a little.  

She has 200+ RYT hours of yoga training with Yoga Fit and continues to study from as many teachers as she can. She is also certified in Pilates Levels I and II.   She takes training courses as much as possible so that she can become a better teacher and share her knowledge.   Her newest ventures are acro-yoga and balance board yoga.  It's a work in progress, for sure, but she knows that after she practices, she feels stronger, healthier, happier and better suited to take care of the needs of her loved ones.  Namaste.




Vicky found yoga in 2000 after purchasing a yoga tape to support her running and weight training regimen. Instantly she realized yoga offered far more than a mere physical workout; it was a lifestyle. Over the years Vicky maintained her practice and in 2011 completed the 100 Hour Yoga Lifestyle Program at Three Rivers Yoga. For a few years yoga took a back seat while Vicky obtained her license in massage therapy. 

 In 2014, she reconnected with herself on the yoga mat and completed the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program at Yoga H'om and Yin Teacher Training at Stray Dog. Her yogic influences include Tracey Rich & Ganga White (White Lotus), Suzanne Deason, and Rodney Yee. When not providing massage or playing in the studio, Vicky is most likely on a hike, at the beach, or learning something new.



Carrie attended her first yoga class in 2010, and it was love at first vinyasa! She began going to yoga classes purely for the physical benefits, but eventually her practiced evolved into a mental and physical one. Carrie's favorite aspect of yoga is that it creates strength in the body, while cultivating calmness in the mind and the heart. In 2015, Carrie earned her 200 hour RYT certification through Nancy and Callahan Malone at Stray Dog Yoga Studio. Her teaching style emphasizes fluid movement and body alignment, while inviting students to challenge themselves and explore. By day, Carrie works as a CPA in McMurray and enjoys spending time with her wonderful husband, Rob and their amazing dog, Izzy. She looks forward to seeing you on the mat!



Candace Bio Pic.jpg

Yoga saved me in my teen years, while I was battling the dark abyss of teen-angst. Back then, yoga gave me a chance to own my awkward body and witness the fluctuations of my scattered mind. Yoga has carried me through depression, college, broken-hearts, 17 years of practicing, 8 years of teaching, 3 pregnancies, countless minor injuries, and more. It has been as constant and crucial as breathing. The personal nature of the practice has allow it to morph into exactly what is needed at every stage of my life.
Through my teaching, I hope to create a space that helps practitioners find a deep connection to themselves, their breath, bodies, and spirits. I believe that the power to change our world lies within the ability to see into ourselves, and through that grow love, acceptance, and compassion.



Sarah Jackson.jpg

Sarah studied with Lisa Clark for her 200 & 300 Hour EmbodiedYoga Teacher Trainings, and is registered as a 500RYT with the Yoga Alliance. Sarah began her yoga journey in 2013 after her husband returned from Afghanistan, and she began looking for a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection. She never realized yoga would turn into a passion as her practice has served her time & time again to return to home-base, her body and breath.

Sarah's teaching style and personal practice involve deep inquiry, observation, mindfulness, and whole bodied expression within the form and practice of yoga. Sarah applies what she knows about developmental movement and experiential anatomy to help awaken, align, and integrate the whole body in her classes. 

Sarah always come to practice with an open-mind but hopes to guide her students to actively meet the earth & to reach for the stars.



Val Bio Pic.jpg

Valerie was first introduced to yoga in 2001 when she took a class while attending college in Colorado. In 2004, she sought refuge in yoga to help with stress and anxiety related to her career. Since then she has been hooked and has never looked back.  In 2008, Valerie completed her 200-hour teacher certification at Yoga H'om in Robinson, Pennsylvania.  Since then she has studied with Tiffany Cruikshank, Taylor Harkness, Janet Stone, Joe Barnett, Gina Caputo, Rodney Yee, Chrissy Carter, among others.  She teaches vigorous, challenging, but always fun, flow classes; however, Valerie’s passion is Yin Yoga, a practice that opens the body’s deep connective tissues and joints through relaxation and meditation.  She loves introducing her students to the world that opens up to them, both physically and emotionally, when they are able to find stillness.  In addition to the asana, expect some rockin’ playlists in her yang (flow) classes and guided meditations in her yin classes.  In her spare time, she enjoys watching live music, learning and reading about Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, going to the movies, and spending time at home with her boyfriend, her cat, Justice, and her dog, Hank.




I was, to put it mildly, a wreck the first time I attended Erin's yoga class. I had body image issues, horrible back pain, and zero yoga experience. Anxiety and fear were running the show. I was afraid I would hurt myself. I was afraid I'd look foolish attempting a practice that was surely meant only for the thin and flexible. But Erin made me feel welcome and calm. She made my mind stop spinning, encouraging the class to focus on what our unique bodies wanted today. After only a few weeks of yoga with Erin, my back pain was completely gone, and I realized the only person judging my body was me. Erin teaches in a way that is uplifting, empowering, and challenging, while offering expert modifications so even beginners like me feel included. (Bonus: she's got great taste in music!) - D. Dannenburg


I've been doing yoga for more than 15 years and Erin is one of the best instructors I've had the pleasure of learning from. She has a calm graceful presence and she radiates joy. She quickly gets to know her students and cares for them genuinely. By asking at the beginning of class what each student needs for their practice, she's able to really tailor the class to everyone's needs. A lot of teachers try this, but Erin succeeds so well. It seems that yoga is intuitive for her, yet she's also able to teach intuitively, as well. Her corrections are wonderful--not too few, not too many, and I appreciate that she cares a lot about form. To boot, she's a sweetheart of a person and has fantastic taste in music! - R. S. Nguyen


"Erin Grace is a wonderful teacher of yoga. As a student and fellow teacher myself, I thoroughly enjoyed taking her pre- and post-natal yoga classes. She holds a calming and nourishing space for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. She cares about her students and that shows in the community she builds. I highly recommend Erin Grace's yoga classes! - J. Earle


Erin Grace is by far the best yoga instructor I have ever had. After being completely turned off by the idea of yoga a few years ago, after having a bad experience in a beginner’s class, I started taking prenatal yoga when I found out I was pregnant. Erin is the reason I still practice yoga today. She is incredibly helpful and encouraging and always emphasizes listening to your body. She encourages you to challenge yourself while not pushing too far. In Erin’s classes, I never felt that my lack of flexibility or inexperience made me different from any other student. You will not regret taking a yoga class with Erin Grace! -T. Wood