Thanksgiving Is More Than Just Turkey

This week marks the unspoken prelude to the holiday season. How are we all fairing this week? Maybe it’s the time of year or maybe we’re all just a little more self-aware, but this week I feel more in tune and grounded. Yes, just outside this little blog post is the frantic world of traffic and family squabble and all the mania that follows, but none of that matters this week.

This week is all about the feeling. The feeling of inner peace, the feeling of love. You may be spreading that contagious feeling or you may be seeking it out where you need it most. What matters is that now is the time to begin channeling these feeling and it’s so very important to recognize them in every form. If you’re working on finding inner peace, how has this year affected this goal? Or if you’ve been spreading these positive vibes to others, have they shown signs of positive change?

As human beings, we have an obligation to radiate our purest traits. Those of progression, goodwill and all other traits of our most native essence. You may be all the difference to a loved one going through tough times, or even a complete stranger! These are the things I look forward to discussing this Thursday around the dinner table. I want to work together with those I love most to find what it is in our lives that bring about our utmost peace.

I know this is a pretty hectic week, but don’t forget to take time for yourself. You can’t spread your inner beauty if it isn’t healthily maintained. During the hustle and bustle, step aside to a quiet space and take some time to just breathe. Let go of what you can’t control and focus on what has led you to where you are today. Find gratitude in the here and now.

I hope you have a very lovely Thanksgiving and safe travels.