Rise Above The Daily Drain

It seems in today’s world, that no matter how bright the sun shines or how loud the birds chirp, negativity tries to chirp a little louder. From co-workers to tuning into the evening news, there always seems to be something to complain about. 

Where are the celebration moments? Who’s got all the ‘happy’?

When life tries to creep up on us with its downer ways, it’s time to fight back with a little positive reinforcement. 

“Yes, BUT”

This is a teeny tiny phrase that will start doing wonders when you experience a not-so-peppy situation. When negativity comes to call, there is always, ALWAYS a bright side. 

Your job as a seeker of peace (both inward and outward) is to turn that bad juju on its head. Listen and consider, then work to find the better angle. Each little victory shifts your frame of mind, better equipping you for whatever comes down the pike. You’ll find what seemed like even large problems before have a bright side to them. 

The Greater Good

Something that I’ve been recently working on is discovering my place in the bigger picture. I look around and see so many different issues, opinions, and even hatred expressed on all sides, and I find myself getting discouraged for our future. 

BUT, I remind myself that I’m here, right here right now, for a reason. And that reason is to somehow bring about feelings of love and inner connectivity with those around me. This message becomes more and more powerful when up against a world of problems. 

Today, try being one little solution. 

Process, Don’t Block

Bringing about a positive energy doesn’t mean by any account that you aren’t allowed to feel. Processing each and every emotion makes us human, asking the question of why. Why do we let certain situations trigger unhappy feelings? How can we work to overcome and find a healthier path of peace and serenity? 

Slow yourself down. Experience your array of feelings, but don’t let your emotions overwhelm you.

Rising above the problems of today takes a strong willpower. It’s a will to change and challenge that which restricts growth. Allow your mind to become more open and opportunistic. The journey will almost always start from within.