Why Do Yoga?

Why do YOGA?  –Because You Only Get Awesome!

Too tired to exercise – try Yoga.  Need a good aerobic workout – try Yoga. Need to build your strength and endurance – try Yoga. Need a way to relax, stretch and get in touch with your inner self – try Yoga.  Need to dump some stress – try Yoga. 

Does it sound too good to be true?  

Yes, but it is true, and the fact that it has been around for about 2,500 years should tell you something about its staying power. Yoga is actually the only activity that does it all, emphasizing harmony of mind, body, and spirit but it is not a religious activity and certainly not a trend.  

Yoga did have its roots in India and is associated with some belief systems in India, but modern yoga is a practice for mind, body, and spirit to achieve harmony and inner peace or mindfulness.  

It is adaptable to everyone’s capabilities and needs so it is especially helpful in moving you to achieve whatever goals you may set for yourself while minimizing injuries and generating a mind-body connection. To me, that is the biggest advantage of Yoga. It can help you meet all of your physical goals plus improve your mental outlook and spiritual connection. Very few trips on a bicycle, treadmill or elliptical trainer can say that and while you may enjoy Zumba, Pilates, dance or step aerobics, these activities do not address the mind-body connection, stretching and relaxation or mindfulness. However, all activity is helpful to a mind-body connection so adding a little Yoga to your other activities can pay big dividends in relieving stress, sore muscles and flexibility.  Ask any Doctor or elderly person and they will tell you, flexibility is definitely a case of “use it or lose it.”

So, what it Yoga?  

It is a series of exercises consisting of poses or positions which you achieve and hold for a period of time, usually seconds or minutes.  These are called Asanas. These are usually combined with resting poses and relaxation or meditation techniques. There are a variety of techniques in Yoga and so it is helpful to “study” Yoga by attending a class with a knowledgeable teacher and supplementing your classes with some reading depending on how interested you are in Yoga and your goals for yourself.