Embody the True Love that you are

What does True Love mean to you? Typically, we equate true love to mean unconditional love. Or something that only exists in fairytales. But true love is freeing and authentic. Tuning into the natural love that is within.  

Yoga is a practice of uniting the physical, spiritual and mental/emotional states of the individual so they may unite with the Divine.  Put differently, if you are in good balance physically and mentally then you are able to let go of ineffective emotional states and thoughts and open yourself to your own positive states as well as the divine love that is always there waiting for you to be receptive.  

When you are uncomfortable, tense, uptight, fearful, etc. then you are constraining yourself and limiting your ability not only to receive love but to generate it.  Through Yoga, you will become aware that you have far more love to give than you normally receive but by allowing yourself to give love you are also opening yourself to receive love.  We are all attracted to loving people because they make us feel better about ourselves and our world.  Likewise, it makes us more loving and as we learn to give love freely, unconditionally to others, we find more and more love returning to us.

Then you can start sharing the love in key through mind balance, physical balance through.