Become One with your Body

Spring and Summer are busy times of the year. With graduations, weddings, vacations, holidays, it is easy to stay calm and peaceful and allow the noise to take over. Your body is speaking to you all the time. 

Learning how to communicate with your body can be one of the most effective ways to stay in good physical and mental health. 


Give your body the attention it deserves. Rest when you are tired. Being tired is pretty easy to spot in our kids, but what about you? Are you listening to your body when you are running low on energy due to lack of sleep? Sleep resets our systems, gives us energy, and feeds our body. When you are in open communication with your body, you function better.


Movement is one of my favorite ways to be in tune with my body. I am always amazed at what a body can do. Practices such as yoga and other forms of exercise create balance in body, mind, and spirit.


Now that the weather is getting nicer and things are greening up, get outside and connect with nature. Kick off your shoes and ground yourself with the earth. Getting outside and connecting with nature will help you to connect with your nature – your body.