Spring Awakening

It’s finally here. The feelings of a fresh start have come and this week is all about getting ready the best way possible. With every season change, holiday, or special occasion, I try to find meaning for them, and for Spring, I see an incredible opportunity to say “Yes!” to new experiences.

Sometimes that means, letting others be your guide.

Lessons From Others

I think those you choose to surround yourself with are your best teachers as you embrace the new season of growth. These people are the ones you trust, the ones you know you best, and most importantly the ones who will be your guide into this brighter time of year.

Sometimes we seek and seek when it proves most beneficial to let others lead the way. Let go and enjoy the journey, allowing yourself an open mind and no specific expectations. So listen and ask questions. Be open to new ideas. Take every new chance you’re given. Growth is bound to happen in this way.

Lessons From Yourself

While spending time with others to help further your growth is important, so much is it valuable to look inward. To take full advantage of this season of change and renewal, delve new paths. Whether that be spiritual, mental, or even a physical trip to experience Spring firsthand, the soul needs refreshment just as much as the world you’re traveling through.

I know after these long winter months, I am so very prepared to further explore meditation techniques that will pull me in closer with myself. Practice allotting time for you, and time for others. This separation will aid you in tracking what elements of your life are stimulating the most growth.

Never stop seeking to better yourself. The body and soul yearn for growth and what better time than the presence of Spring!



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