The Art Of An Open Mind

As I’ve made my way through this life, one thing is certain: I’ve never stopped growing. Whether taking up a new hobby, learning something new, or staying inquisitive, growth is pretty much unavoidable. The hardest part, though? Growing in the best possible way. Sounds a little confusing, but what I’m really getting at is making sure to keep an open mind about things that are new or foreign.

When we let our walls come down and put aside what we think we know, new experiences and moments to grow have their way of finding us. 

Consider Different View Points

Growth is a funny thing. It can only happen when you allow your mental and spiritual capacity to expand. We can do this by setting aside all we think we know and showing our vulnerable side. Look. Listen. Consider that others have lived life a different way and their lessons could benefit you too. Shifting perspective sometimes brings new ideas to light.

Exercising your learning muscles by putting judgments aside opens so many new doors.

See The World Anew

Part of opening your mind to new possibilities is taking on new challenges. Things that you’ve always wanted to do, but have never taken the first step now becomes step one! Is it a new skill? Or a trip you’ve been dreaming of taking? Pushing your own capabilities yields some pretty sweet fruit. It’s something we don’t always feel the most at home doing, but that’s what makes it so worth it.

Humble Yourself

Growing does the soul good; it’s what humanizes us. Through experiences and lessons, we are able to be thankful for the opportunities for growth. Remember this and take every chance you get. Life is lived at its fullest when a “yes” frame of mind follows you.

When you welcome new possibilities, you’ll never stop growing.



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