How To Counter Grouchy Days

We all get them. Those occasional times during a week when we’re not as peppy as we’d like to be! We’re human. It’s understandable that each and every moment isn’t going to be sunshine and serenity. But what if we had the chance to control those negative moments and say “Not today!”   

Sometimes, it’s all about shifting our perspective and embracing the positivity around us that expels the bad. If we can understand what brings our mood down, we have a better chance at countering it.  

Stop and Check In 

When the grouchies come to call, I find the best first step is to not TAKE any steps. Rather, pause and take time for meditation. Insight is your greatest strength here. When we look inside ourselves and analyze what’s troubling us, sometimes the right answers present themselves. 

Reflection is a perfect practice for countering and working through those negative emotions. When you no longer give them power, moving forward and away from them is easy peasy. 

Better yet make a little list of everything weighing on you. Take that list, look at it, and throw it away. Letting go of the negative makes room for optimism and even tranquility.  

Consider Your Impact 

It’s one thing to have a bad day and feel a little down. It’s a whole new arena when your feelings reflect outward and cause those around you to be affected. 

Being a positive influence through this life does so much more than you think. Even on a rough day, if you project an inviting aura, it has the potential to make all the difference for those around you. They sometimes need you more than you think. As fellow human beings, how we interact and treat each other makes all the difference.  

Do Something Kind 

Whether you really feel up to it or not, I’m here to tell you that going out of your way to bring a positive experience to someone can do wonders for YOU. Being a change, even a small one, in another’s life means something. It means you have true power to bring happiness in this world. It’s up to you and the more opportunities you take, the closer you will bring to rising out of that funk and being at peace again.  

We all have a bad day, but we also have the choice to do something about it. 




“Keep choosing happiness daily and happiness will keep choosing you back” - Fawn Weaver 

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