A Little Getaway

Life can take a lot out of us some days. We’re busy, stressed, and when we scrape together a little time for ourselves, what do we do with it? Sometimes a quick little break from the craziness is all we get! So, let’s make the most of it. Just doing the little things for yourself can make all the difference to finding a calm and relaxed being.

Listen & Sooth

A perfect way to separate you from your worries is through the power of music. Immersing yourself in some lower frequency, calming tunes helps to center you. Letting go of those slow, melodic vibes excuses your mind from the cares of the day, leaving your soul open to experiencing the genuine feeling. I am a firm believer that music can bring us back to a memory or a feeling. The nostalgia alone is euphoric.

Get Away & Get Alone

Part of the journey to finding your true self is acknowledging that outside influence can be a major block. It’s not a bad thing necessarily! Friend and family are vital in life, but all of the interaction leaves you giving and giving rather than taking time for just you. You need time to quiet the mind and listen to yourself. Take a little drive, a break from work in a quiet area, or a little walk around the block. Instead of speaking, listen and reflect for yourself.

Solo Slumber Party

Trust me, it’s way cooler than it sounds. This one gets a little tricky if you share a sleeping space, but it’s not impossible. Sometimes, a little night to you is exactly how to revitalize. Start by making some itinerary. Will you be watching something? Snacking on a snack you haven’t have in a while? Maybe wear your comfiest clothes! Really, the more amped up you can get for this mini party, the more you’ll enjoy the time to yourself.

Always remember, your mind and soul are a top priority. They need to be tended to and respected for the breaks they sometimes require. Don’t overdo yourself and when those rare little moments of solace come knocking, invite them in and relish every moment.