We Have Victory!

Life. It’s something that’s meant to be celebrated each and every day. It’s the first gift we’re given and the greatest, at that! This alone makes me really think about my place in the universe and ask some questions about how I’m spending my time. With this amazing gift of life, we get a few special occasions along the way.

To fully appreciate our place in this world, we would do well to take a little time to celebrate those moments that are truly extraordinary.

The Big

These moments do something very important: they define you. They change your path and alter it for the better. It could be celebrating a career goal, or a relationship milestone, these times in your life will become lasting memories. They really speak to your soul and can be called upon at any time to bring comfort during hard times.

The Small

Now don’t think for a second that these moments are any less special. These are the daily doses of joy that manifest within us and all around. Simple acts of kindness and love, even if they won’t be remembered down the road, matter in the here and now. They propel us forward and keep us going. I find true comfort in these moments throughout each day and they make me feel so blessed to be here to experience them. They’re the reminders that every moment doesn’t need to monumental and grand to bring happiness and celebration.

Defining moments are so different for each of us. So ask yourself what experiences are you grateful for. Think about all that matters to you. Ask yourself why they make you feel victorious in life. Those are where you’ll find all that you need.