Compassion Is

That seems like an easy one. Right? We hear all the time about lessons in compassion, but I can say from experience that, until recently, I never asked myself how strong my compassion was. Compassion toward others AND myself. I had to stop and look inward. When I think of being a compassionate person, I look at the beauty and experience, both around me and inside, but I sometimes forget that this isn’t the full picture. And during this week of all things love, it’s time to build and improve on that oh-so important trait.

We Celebrate Together

I’ve said this before, but we’re all connected. We’re all of one being. It’s the experiences of life that bring us all together, especially during times of triumph and celebration. Finding compassion here during these times means thinking of others and their accomplishments. It’s creating the time and the energy to be alongside your fellow human being during their moments of celebration. This practice of selflessness leaves you with an appreciation for the spirit of human interaction and you see the full power of encouragement and merriment.

We Suffer Together

As much as I strive to bring a positive spin on life and its challenges, we all know life is not without occasional hardship. These are the moments to lean on each other and acknowledge that we will all experience this at some point. Suffering is another part of the human experience and nothing to feel discouraged about or to shy away from.

Be Easy With Yourself

As well as the suffering of your loved ones, think about you during times of sadness. You channel a different part of yourself when you’re down. Be aware of those feelings and don’t take them for granted. They are the gateway to building higher compassion. BUT with every low comes the highs! As we work to channel our sadness and build our emotions, we also get the chance to embrace the happiness and absorb its euphorias.

Compassion is found in the balance of emotion. We have so much power within us and compassion comes when we are at our most vulnerable. Acknowledging your compassionate side also displays high levels of intelligence and a sense of humanity. No matter the circumstances, empathy brings you closer to inner peace.