What Time Is Yoga Time?

This year isn’t about if you’re doing yoga; it’s all about when. It’s so incredible what yoga has done for me. It’s opened my eyes and mind to a whole new perspective of living my purest life. What’s even more incredible, the time of day you practice actually influences your experience. Let’s explore the key differences.

Good Morning

Your body is cyclical. It rises, peaks then comes back down. Yoga in the morning is the perfect way to give your body and mind that extra boost of empowerment for the day ahead. Your metabolism is awoken and fired up. And with this boost also brings you back down and grounded for the day. The meditation relaxes the mind and prepares you for the rest of your day. Whatever ups or downs may follow, your mind and soul will remain balanced.

Good Evening

Just as morning yoga bring plenty of benefits, evenings hold their own just fine as well. The day is winding down and you’ve experienced more than you think. Many times, falling asleep can be a challenge, with all of the day's struggles and celebrations still buzzing in your mind and spirit. This means yoga is the perfect vessel to absorb all your feelings and channel them into something amazing into your soul. Your muscles have also had enough time to warm and are ready for a thorough session. Along with the reflection and adequate prep time, evening yoga can begin the relaxation process when it’s time for sleep.

Good Afternoon

This time of day isn’t always available, but noon hour and beyond brings its share of advantages. It’s a break from the day. The days can be long and taxing on your minds and sometimes an afternoon session is the key to break up the hectic. This mid-day reset can completely revolutionize your afternoon and even the evening hours of your daily routines.

So, the choice is ultimately yours. Ask yourself how you will benefit from the various times of the day. Yoga is truly for every single person who seeks to better themselves physically while also flexing those inner spirit muscles. Find comfort in knowing you have the power within you to change everything else.



What Time Is Yoga Time?