Where Does Your Joy Come From?

When are at your happiest? Is it a certain time of year? Certain place? Or is it the people you surround yourself with? Happiness is truly infinite when we observe where it originates. What an enlightening feeling when you can fully understand exactly what makes you happy and how for that matter.

Your Relationships

For me, there is nothing greater on this planet than the people I’m experiencing life with. It doesn’t matter If it’s a fleeting encounter with a passerby or your best friend whom you’ve loved for 30 years. We are all connected through each and every experience. We are one being here together and each interaction either build us up or threatens to tear down our emotional walls. It’s who and how we choose to treat each other that brings about that warm, happiness aura.

You and Yourself

No matter which way you look, you’re interacting with others. Now it’s time to step back and look inside. You are the one person that you never stop interacting with. Reread that and let it sink in. You never get a break from your own mind, body, and soul. So it had best be its happiest self. Be sure to find that time to escape for meditation and checking in with your self-conscious. Routine maintenance will help flush out the negativity and key you into your inner joys.

Then Comes All The Rest

Now, let’s talk about other forces that aren’t a part of the human to human experience. You don’t have to be hyper-aware to feel the draw of animal and nature. Your surroundings tell a story. It’s almost spiritual when you think of how much beauty stems from unexplainable occurrences, but also how amazing to be able to journey through those experiences.

Joy isn’t given. It manifests from within and can only be unlocked when you take the time to fully appreciate each and every bit of your life. What a beautiful gift.