Spotting Toxins

We go through this one life trying to fulfill our dreams and keep our hearts brimming with positive experiences. It’s so wonderful to find that which makes up happiest. Whether it’s the ones we love or the things we enjoy doing, I know I’m my best self when I can also identify the toxins too.

These are the little moments or aspects that bring me down. I allow them to effect me whether I can help it or not. The best thing I can hope for here is to recognize them and visualize how they can either be avoided or dealt with.

Clean Out The Clutter

There are so many different actual types of clutter that show up in life. Physical clutter that gunks up our living spaces or mental strains like stress and anxiety. Remove what you can. Throw it away and let your mind breathe a little. Clean out that space you need to focus on what will propel you forward toward happiness.

Self Satisfaction 

Who says you have to wait to feel accomplished? I’m guilty of this as well. Waiting and waiting for a pat on the back or some kind of affirmation that I’m doing the right things. But sometimes that gold star needs to come from you! Give yourself a little credit and stop waiting for others to provide worth. This practice is a major confidence booster when you stop and acknowledge all the wonderful qualities you’ve worked to bestow within you.

Say Goodbye To Regret

Life throws so much our way. So many chances and opportunity. We dare to dream and we sometimes we are disappointed with the outcomes. This is 100% okay! What is not okay is looking about at what could have been. This jeopardizes your current being and even those around you. You are meant to be exactly where you are right this very moment. Don’t let “what if” keep you from looking ahead.

Your journey through each and every day cannot be lived fully if you allow toxic thoughts and experiences to slow you down. Release them. Let them be free, so you can let yourself be free too.