Make A Resolution the Solution

Welcome to new beginnings. Get ready to embrace life as you have never before. It’s a clean slate, so this week, I’m taking full advantage of this opportunity and preparing both my mind and soul for a truly transcendent year.

Today, I’m closing last year’s chapter and only looking back with fondness. No matter where the year took me, it’s important to remember that the past cannot define you and your path this year.


Hold and Release

Let’s start with the basics. Let go of what worried you last year. Things you dwelt on for too long, those moments that ate up your energy and spirit, it’s time to release them all. That negative energy does not deserve to walk with you into this new year of opportunity. Only when you set free of all that held you down can you find a clean slate to write this next chapter. So give your spirit and soul the cleansing it deserves. It’s time to breathe anew.


Keep All Resolutions You Centered

I know I preach a lot about staying in check with yourself and your inner spirit. And this year, I’m putting this message front and center with my New Year goals and I’m hoping you do the same. Keeping others in mind is always a wonderful notion, but it’s what you do for yourself that matters. It begins when you look inward. Starting from there and working out keeps you balanced.


Look Kindly On Failure

No one likes to hear that they failed. But I’m here to tell you that it’s a beautiful thing. It’s growth in disguise! Our path is not always clear and sometimes we experience blocks and contingencies. Things don’t always go as we hoped in our individual journeys. Here’s the key: failure is not the same as quitting. Failure is a lesson and, trust me you’ll learn plenty of those in the coming year. As human beings we would not progress individually or as an entire existence without the cycle of failure. Quitting on the other hand leaves you with nothing.


If you can channel both failure and success to work to your advantage in your path through 2018, you’ll be amazed at how many more chances you’ll get at finding growth.


I am so excited to watch you all grow and change this year. Stay honest with yourself.