The Immersion Game

Last week, I touched base on finding your ideal time to meditate and practice your weekly yoga. This week, it’s all about embracing meditation to its full extent. I’m talking being conscious at every turn. And I’m talking about exercising all five of your senses in your journey to finding inner peace.

Our bodies are an amazing gift and they deserve to be appreciated and acknowledged in everything we do. It’s time to wake up each and every one of your senses.


Our eyes are truly windows to the soul. Taking the time to slow down the crazy whirlwind and look around is a great place to start. Even the most common of things to observe like people passing by. What are their stories? What’s your story for that matter? Staying conscious of the world around you quite literally opens your eyes to your own wellbeing.


Now, close your eyes. Listen. It’s amazing when you allow yourself to channel a certain sense when you isolate another. Listen to the happenings nearby. Consider how these sounds effect the way you feel. If the feels are negative, can you change your perspective?


Every time you approach a meal, snack, or drink, the flavor will influence you. Your mood is directly connected to your taste and if you can learn to identify certain tastes with feelings or even memories, the sensations become so much more valuable to the experience.


It’s the most basic form of connection. Human touch becomes so important when you are actively thinking about different textures and even coming into contact with another human. Touch can be to care, to heal, to show affection. It’s such a great power we’re given as humans to communicate without words.


Whether walking into a friend’s home or giving my kids a little squeeze, my life is full of so many distinct scents. And with most of them, I associate with a memory from my journey through this life. The memories make me smile, keep me humble and grounded, and remind me of how the past can affect our present and future.

Remember your body is yours. It is your power to harness and control. Walk through life using it to its full potential and you open the door to a more spiritual way of being.



The Immersion Game