Reflect and Recharge


The summer months have come and gone with warmhearted reminiscence. As we now

embrace the many new beauties that autumn offers, it’s time to pause and look back on

our previous few months in regards to our routine.

It isn’t always easy in those long, dog days to find and stick to a basic routine. And

when the leaves begin to get crisper, I feel like I am just thrown back into the hectic

without warning. This is where an opportunity arises to take some control of your daily

life. If you follow these guidelines, I promise you’ll find that inner harmony.

One of the biggest obstacles I’ve found when trying to improve my routine is time

management. I cannot tell you how many stories I have traded with friends about how

there is just never enough time in the day. To counter this little hiccup, challenge

yourself to wake up an hour earlier in the mornings. There is nothing like that fresh,

serene feeling of rising with the sun. This, may be a deal breaker for some, but for

others, this time will allow you to wrap your mind around each days’ undertakings. It will

also introduce a much calmer beginning to the day, with that “me” time you’ve been

pining for. Make yourself some breakfast, have your morning coffee, or indulge in

morning meditation, but just treat yourself.

Another life-saver is the art of making a quality list. Or how about a list of all your lists?

There is nothing more frustrating than lying after you’ve conquered the day, only for

your eyes to snap open because you forgot that one thing on the list you wish you’d

made! I’ve been there - it’s a bummer. Getting all of those daily goals jotted down will

clear your mind so you can focus on the day ahead and wholly unwind when it’s over.

And if you think you’re forgetting something, you’ll always have your list as a reference.

These changes to your routine may seems small, but they will monumentally improve

your day-to-day focus and guide you toward your most authentic self.