Embrace the Beauty !

It’s finally here, friends! The first days of autumn. It’s this unspoken feeling of inner serenity when the golds and ambers of fall surround us. The aura of the season intermingles with the aromas of all things herbal & earthy. It’s high time we all got out there to truly experience it.

If you’re planning an afternoon getaway of nature walks and trail exploration, which I highly encourage, be mindful before you even set foot out the door. A lot of us may have a certain path or trail they love walking during the fall season, but I’ve come to learn that it’s the spontaneous, impromptu journeys that do the soul some good. Just check into your inner psyche and go where the wind takes you. Try that new state park or hiking trail you’ve been itching to explore. Invite friends, family, or even take your furry-babies along! The more fulfilling it can be for you the better!

That being said, I really want you to tap into all of your senses when you’re out among nature. What changes are you seeing and feeling around you, which begs the question, what changes do we feel in ourselves during this seasonal change? What about different sounds or smells of autumn? Many different sensations, like a cool, leafy kissed breeze or a muddled smell of ripe pumpkins growing in the soil brings me nostalgic memories of when I was younger and more carefree.

A final little tidbit for full fall embrace? The electronics stay home. I understand there are times when moments must be captured, but to totally immerse yourself, the clicks and taps of your phone or camera won’t be needed. It just sits right with my soul when it’s just me and nature. No worries or distractions, only a much sought after feeling of tranquility.

Happy apple picking and pumpkin carving in the weeks to come!