Spread Joy. Find Joy.

A lot of times, I try to leave you asking yourself some questions. Usually it’s  along the lines of what you’re doing to nurture your well being, asking you to never stop seeking inner serenity. But this week, especially this extraordinary time of year, I’ll ask you something a little different.

What are you doing this year for others? By now you’re probably a pro at seeking out positivity in life and diminishing the obstacles within yourself. But what about how you’re effecting people? We are all focusing on finding peace within, but you just might find what you’re searching for through others.

Let’s break this down. Many times, I take in situations with a proactive response rather than a reactive.  “Okay, so this has happened, not what can I do to change it for the better?” This practice has kept me from being too effected by the things in which I can’t control. After flipping situations on their head time and time again, through meditation and practice, I’ve gotten pretty good at it! But what about those who aren’t learned in this way? The ones who are in need this year. It may be time to reach to heights and branch out to others.

It could be volunteering or donating time or money. It could be even a warm smile or well wishes. But these things that seem so simple to you and me can change another human’s entire life. Thinking of others near and far and how you can bring them inner peace this season is what wellness is all about. And when it is well with their souls, that’s where it happens: the change within yours too.

This week I want you to consider, not the material things you’re grateful for, but those spiritual and inner gifts you have. This sort of internal power is in us all, and we have a responsibility as fellow human beings to strengthen each other this time of year.

Love one another, do what you can for others, and the calmness will follow.