Looking To The New Year

Firstly, I hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend and were able to thoroughly unwind with all those you love. I was at such peace Christmas Day, surrounded by all the good things that have been placed in my life.


Now that the hectic is lulling, today, I’m taking some time for myself, to look ahead. 2018 is on the horizon and I’m asking myself how to prepare. To answer this question, I’m briefly looking behind at the year and facing the challenges and gifts head on.


What Worked?

I found a lot of myself this year. I was able to really slow down and meditate through many of the days that challenged me. I encourage you to really consider making time for this powerful practice. Morning meditation, for me, prepares me for the day ahead and showers me with a sense of confidence. I also practices accepting what I cannot change and working my butt off to change what I can. You have control over your own destiny, but not over each and every occurrence. Remember this and you will lose a good chunk of your stress that wasn’t needed to begin with.


What Didn’t?

Through this journey that 2017 put me on, I went through a roller coaster of experience and emotion, but each one of those taught me to find a lesson, even in failure. For every success, there will be ten more failures and what’s most important here is to not let that inner spirit you nurture daily to become tainted. When your spirit wanes, the outcomes turn to negative ones. It’s all about frame of mind and like I said before, telling yourself that a failure is just a lesson worth learning.


If any of you are feeling anxious about the coming year, I would love you talk with you and help in preparing you for an amazing new year of opportunity and serenity. You will do amazing things and you have all the tools you need to be prepared. Allow yourself time to reflect and plan. Enjoy these last few days of 2017.





Happy New Year.png