Share What You Have

No matter who you are or where you come from, we as human beings all share a common potential. We all have the power to influence those around us. Particularly now during the last few weeks of the holiday season, many seem to lose their inner spirit as they bustle about and focus on the materialistic of this time of year. But you have all of the tools to change this. If you’re on a mission to spread a little cheer, remember a few things.

Be Observant

More times than not, you can gauge a person’s feelings just by really paying attention to them when interacting. Some will be ready for the spread of your beautiful glow and welcomeness. Others, unfortunately, are not looking to change or grow quite yet. Your job as an agent of serenity is to accept this reality and save your upbeat spark for others who will truly benefit.

Stay In Check With You and Yourself

It’s a beautiful feeling to humble friends, family, and even strangers with just pure kindness, but a major factor for this contagious energy is making sure YOU are fully charged and not burnt out. You may be out there spreading positive vibes, but who’s giving you the juice you need to keep going? Always take appropriate time for yourself to recharge and meditate. The brighter you shine, the more people will notice and become affected.

Sometimes, the world just needs a little reminder of that spreading some of that inner light can make all the difference for someone who needs it most. Like I said, each and every one of us has the strength to change the world around us. That begins with focusing inward on our own well-being, then reflecting that beauty outward for everyone else to experience, share, and pass onward. I hope you will consider reaching out to others this season and helping in any way possible.