Take Charge Of Your Stress

The holiday season is filled to the brim as a mixed bowl of wonderful times and plenty of stressors. I’ve had so many people ask me how to get rid of stress in their life. Like 100% stress-be-gone. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you cannot completely eliminate strain and triggers from your day-to-day. In many ways, stress can be good to us. It keeps us grounded and on task. Stress is also a reminder that we are human and connected with both ourselves and one another, finding common ground through shared familiarities.

Though it isn’t something we can just wave a wand and “POOF” make disappear, there are a few sure-fire ways to confront these stressors and work through them, bringing us closer to a calm in this crazy time of year.

Is It All Stress?

Sometimes, we let situations take control of our emotions without necessarily understanding why we’re upset. It’s that initial occurrence that sparks the feelings of stress and anxiety that, when not worked through, will build in themselves. When stress comes to call, I want you to really consider pausing. Let go of what’s causing the emotion and consider the situation. Is what’s happening truly cause for worry? If so, take it in steps and analysis what needs to be done. If the stress is unwarranted, release it from your thoughts and keep moving forward with your day. 

Mind & Body: A Lovely Marriage

Stress can have some serious power over us. It can physically affect our bodies and take a major toll on our confidence, drive, and happiness. Bridging the gap between our spirit and our physical state is the key.

I find yoga is the true key here as it guides us toward truly hearing our bodies as much as we know our minds. We are then in control of how both of these things react to a situation. Bringing your mind and body together brings a new power to counter stressors and bring out the true inner warrior in you, ready to combat it at every turn.

This week, instead of avoiding that which stresses you, embrace the madness. Accept what you cannot change and work both your mind and body through what you can. We all have that inner strength. All it takes is the time to let it shine through.