Mindfulness to Manage Expectations

It’s common practice: when we set goals we have expected results. But what happens if our goals don’t turn out? Are they swept away and forgotten? Or can we push back and rally? Absolutely!

When setting goals, whether day-to-day or long term, there are a few stipulations we need to remember. First, what are your non-negotiables? As in, what are the things you simply can’t compromise? Is it the expectation itself? The timeliness of it? The way in which the goal is reached? Keeping this non-negotiables straight in your head will keep you on the right path.

Second, what happens if our goals and expectations don’t go the way we’d planned? The biggest thing to remember? Act instead of react. This mindset shifts the perspective and may very well prevent you from projecting a negative response. Taking action is more constructive toward the goal and getting yourself where you want to be. It puts you in control and keeps you mindful. It’s amazing how just a few little shifts to your approach toward goals can have a major impact on the results and the journey to them.

Your mind is your most beautiful asset. Exercise it regularly.