The Calm Before The Winter Storm

I hope everyone survived the tornado of turkey and stuffing last week. What an enlightening time to reflect on all the joys that life and its experiences bring us. I was able to connect so much better with my inner flow this past week when all the hectic of the outside world melted away just for a few days. I feel somehow revitalized, ready to look ahead to the coming winter.

And with the winter approaching, I consider the inevitable storms that follow close behind. I’m not necessarily saying the snow itself, though that’s no fun for anyone who’ll be dealing with all that ice and slush. No, I’m saying this time of year, we all may be seeing a certain storm on the horizon. I want you to think. What’s your own personal storm? Is it the craziness of holiday shopping? Or preparing for that main event of hosting the big party? Or the traveling and craziness of reaching each and every destination?

No matter what worry comes knocking, we’re all dealing with something this time of year. And I find a sense of calm in this knowledge. This brings us all together as one mankind. No matter where you are, this time of year seems to flow through us all with alike feelings of possible stress, planning, anxiousness, and ultimate joy. I’ll be working on finding my joy this week by reminding myself the good outweighs the stresses that come my way. When those times sneak into my brain, I take that time to unplug and reflect on each situation. What’s causing this storm in my mind? Is it as severe as I think or is it merely a flurry?

Don’t forget, your mind and soul are of utmost importance, especially this time of year. Check in with yourself whenever the clouds roll in and let your mind and body work them through together, letting go of what you can’t control and embrace the rest.