Finding Thankful.

This year’s journey is nearing its end and every year around this time I try and look inward to reflect and truly understand what it means to give thanks.

I’m not talking about a few seconds at the dinner table amongst friends and family. It means so much more than that when you take the time to define what giving thanks means to you.

Being thankful can be a matter of perspective when you consciously slow down and evaluate what’s happening in real time. What’s going amazingly in your life at this moment? Or even what little things do we take for granted that we have to be thankful for? You’ve got a place to call home, people to call family, even something as simple as wifi and a computer! Your soul finds enrichment through staying humble and forever thankful for the life you’re living. Acknowledge things you’re thankful for. Do this daily. This reinforces a level of awareness to all of the incredible gifts you’ve been given throughout your path.

Savor the imprints. What does this mean? It’s every time someone connected on an emotional or spiritual level with you. It’s the moments when you allowed yourself to grow because of how you reacted to a situation. Remembering to nurture that mind-body connection brings you closer to inner peace. Embrace those things you’re truly thankful for and be vocal about each and every one of them. Spreading the word only spreads the positive vibes.

“Silent gratitude isn't very much use to anyone." -Gertrude Stein

And don’t forget to thank yourself. You do such incredible things for your own well-being and that’s so special.  Namaste, Erin