Intention + Showing up

What does intention and showing up mean to you? Showing up to work is one thing; you are paid to arrive on time, do the work, play by the rules, etc. But what does showing up WITH INTENTION mean to you?

When I started on this journey as a business owner, I will admit, I was scared. As with any business, it is a risk – will I find instructors, will this be the right location, will the studio flourish? But more importantly, for me, is to have the kind of studio of intention.

I know that my presence has an impact. And so do you. Your presence has impact – posture, tone of voice, how you carry yourself.

            Energy is your VIBE.

When you show up with intention, you have a passion, a purpose. You have a culture or environment that not only thrives but gives in return.

So, how can you bring this power of intention and showing up in your everyday life?

1.    Are you clear about your intentions?

2.    Do you know why you do the work that you do?

3.    What kind of culture or atmosphere do you create when you interact with others?

4.    Are you open to receiving?

5.    Do you practice gratitude?

Since yoga is a mind-body connection, by setting intentions, you are making a connection between what you work through on your mat, and what you continue to focus on as you step off your mat and resume your daily schedule.

Intentions will continually change as you move through your practice. Show up for the things and people around you. You will shine in strength and be an example of positivity for yourself and those who you impact.