Finding Your Inner BadA$$

You are a BadA$$. You might not think you are, but let’s face it. There has been that one moment that you had that inner glow because you got your dues and were proud of yourself. Where is that person? How often do you let that inner BadA$$ out? Probably, not as often as you should, am I right?

 So, let’s think back to that point in time when you were fierce and unstoppable. Where you were in the best place in your life. Is that now? If so, kudos to you…keep on keeping on. However, if not, I assure you, he or she is in there.

3 things to find your Inner BadA$$:

1.    Stop Doubting yourself. Remind yourself, daily if necessary of your accomplishments. You are a BadA$$ because you trusted your gut. The biggest weapon in our self-destruction is our own mindset. If you analyze, overthink, ponder endlessly…STOP! Live in the moment. Trust me on this…It is exhilarating.

2.    Commit, Commit, Commit. Commitment is hard. I’m not going to try and tell you that it isn’t. When you invest in yourself, we learn how much we are truly capable of. Never give up, Never give in!

3.    Let go of FEAR. Yes, fear is scary. If it wasn’t it would be called something else. So, I challenge you to let go. Call it out. Letting go of that fear is the only way to bring true peace to our lives. Do you want to be consumed by fear or do you want to be filled with peace?

 So, the next time, your day, week, month has you feeling defeated or not your best you, look within. Take care of the emotions and find that confidence that is there, deep inside. Then say hello to your BADA$$ self.



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