Living The Namaste Life

Many times a week I meet and greet with the phrase “Namaste”. But exactly does that mean? Why do we say it and are we truly living up to its meaning? Namaste, when used in a spiritual manner, take the form of a greeting. It’s as if to say, “I recognize you, your soul, and your worth and I wish them all well”. This is a lot to pack in a single word! It’s one thing to talk the talk, but walking the Namaste walk is a whole new level.

Finding Peace

You wouldn’t want somebody coming to you, telling you information they know nothing about, right? Well, the same can be said in the spiritual sense. If you don’t take the steps yourself, you won’t be able to fully understand how living a Namaste life can feel. Be sure to take the time to meditate. Explore options like yoga or action poses or even widdle time out of the day for a peaceful zen session. Putting forth the effort now opens your eyes to the amazing change that Namaste brings.

Practicing Peace

One and done is not the message we’re conveying either here. Becoming more in check with your mind and spirit takes time and some commitment. Finding your own Namaste will be so worth it if you keep at it and remind yourself you’re working toward a stronger and more peaceful you. Keep working on those poses and don’t give up that time to yourself and you will be over the moon with the results.

 Spreading Peace

Living “la vi da Namaste” just feels good. It brings about fresh perspectives and feeds off positive vibes. But this way of life has a few caveats. For instance, it’s now, in some ways, your duty to spread this message of inner tranquility to anyone willing to listen. It’d life if your friend landed on the ground floor of a huge opportunity and wanted you in on it!

Spreading a spiritual message to those willing to begin their journeys reminds us that we’re all more alike than we think. We are all seeking better and if we can give that gift to someone else, I feel we’re doing our jobs as fellow human beings.

With a feeling of hope and purpose, a true Namaste to you.



Compassion Is

That seems like an easy one. Right? We hear all the time about lessons in compassion, but I can say from experience that, until recently, I never asked myself how strong my compassion was. Compassion toward others AND myself. I had to stop and look inward. When I think of being a compassionate person, I look at the beauty and experience, both around me and inside, but I sometimes forget that this isn’t the full picture. And during this week of all things love, it’s time to build and improve on that oh-so important trait.

We Celebrate Together

I’ve said this before, but we’re all connected. We’re all of one being. It’s the experiences of life that bring us all together, especially during times of triumph and celebration. Finding compassion here during these times means thinking of others and their accomplishments. It’s creating the time and the energy to be alongside your fellow human being during their moments of celebration. This practice of selflessness leaves you with an appreciation for the spirit of human interaction and you see the full power of encouragement and merriment.

We Suffer Together

As much as I strive to bring a positive spin on life and its challenges, we all know life is not without occasional hardship. These are the moments to lean on each other and acknowledge that we will all experience this at some point. Suffering is another part of the human experience and nothing to feel discouraged about or to shy away from.

Be Easy With Yourself

As well as the suffering of your loved ones, think about you during times of sadness. You channel a different part of yourself when you’re down. Be aware of those feelings and don’t take them for granted. They are the gateway to building higher compassion. BUT with every low comes the highs! As we work to channel our sadness and build our emotions, we also get the chance to embrace the happiness and absorb its euphorias.

Compassion is found in the balance of emotion. We have so much power within us and compassion comes when we are at our most vulnerable. Acknowledging your compassionate side also displays high levels of intelligence and a sense of humanity. No matter the circumstances, empathy brings you closer to inner peace.




A Little Getaway

Life can take a lot out of us some days. We’re busy, stressed, and when we scrape together a little time for ourselves, what do we do with it? Sometimes a quick little break from the craziness is all we get! So, let’s make the most of it. Just doing the little things for yourself can make all the difference to finding a calm and relaxed being.

Listen & Sooth

A perfect way to separate you from your worries is through the power of music. Immersing yourself in some lower frequency, calming tunes helps to center you. Letting go of those slow, melodic vibes excuses your mind from the cares of the day, leaving your soul open to experiencing the genuine feeling. I am a firm believer that music can bring us back to a memory or a feeling. The nostalgia alone is euphoric.

Get Away & Get Alone

Part of the journey to finding your true self is acknowledging that outside influence can be a major block. It’s not a bad thing necessarily! Friend and family are vital in life, but all of the interaction leaves you giving and giving rather than taking time for just you. You need time to quiet the mind and listen to yourself. Take a little drive, a break from work in a quiet area, or a little walk around the block. Instead of speaking, listen and reflect for yourself.

Solo Slumber Party

Trust me, it’s way cooler than it sounds. This one gets a little tricky if you share a sleeping space, but it’s not impossible. Sometimes, a little night to you is exactly how to revitalize. Start by making some itinerary. Will you be watching something? Snacking on a snack you haven’t have in a while? Maybe wear your comfiest clothes! Really, the more amped up you can get for this mini party, the more you’ll enjoy the time to yourself.

Always remember, your mind and soul are a top priority. They need to be tended to and respected for the breaks they sometimes require. Don’t overdo yourself and when those rare little moments of solace come knocking, invite them in and relish every moment.




Where Does Your Joy Come From?

When are at your happiest? Is it a certain time of year? Certain place? Or is it the people you surround yourself with? Happiness is truly infinite when we observe where it originates. What an enlightening feeling when you can fully understand exactly what makes you happy and how for that matter.

Your Relationships

For me, there is nothing greater on this planet than the people I’m experiencing life with. It doesn’t matter If it’s a fleeting encounter with a passerby or your best friend whom you’ve loved for 30 years. We are all connected through each and every experience. We are one being here together and each interaction either build us up or threatens to tear down our emotional walls. It’s who and how we choose to treat each other that brings about that warm, happiness aura.

You and Yourself

No matter which way you look, you’re interacting with others. Now it’s time to step back and look inside. You are the one person that you never stop interacting with. Reread that and let it sink in. You never get a break from your own mind, body, and soul. So it had best be its happiest self. Be sure to find that time to escape for meditation and checking in with your self-conscious. Routine maintenance will help flush out the negativity and key you into your inner joys.

Then Comes All The Rest

Now, let’s talk about other forces that aren’t a part of the human to human experience. You don’t have to be hyper-aware to feel the draw of animal and nature. Your surroundings tell a story. It’s almost spiritual when you think of how much beauty stems from unexplainable occurrences, but also how amazing to be able to journey through those experiences.

Joy isn’t given. It manifests from within and can only be unlocked when you take the time to fully appreciate each and every bit of your life. What a beautiful gift.




Spotting Toxins

We go through this one life trying to fulfill our dreams and keep our hearts brimming with positive experiences. It’s so wonderful to find that which makes up happiest. Whether it’s the ones we love or the things we enjoy doing, I know I’m my best self when I can also identify the toxins too.

These are the little moments or aspects that bring me down. I allow them to effect me whether I can help it or not. The best thing I can hope for here is to recognize them and visualize how they can either be avoided or dealt with.

Clean Out The Clutter

There are so many different actual types of clutter that show up in life. Physical clutter that gunks up our living spaces or mental strains like stress and anxiety. Remove what you can. Throw it away and let your mind breathe a little. Clean out that space you need to focus on what will propel you forward toward happiness.

Self Satisfaction 

Who says you have to wait to feel accomplished? I’m guilty of this as well. Waiting and waiting for a pat on the back or some kind of affirmation that I’m doing the right things. But sometimes that gold star needs to come from you! Give yourself a little credit and stop waiting for others to provide worth. This practice is a major confidence booster when you stop and acknowledge all the wonderful qualities you’ve worked to bestow within you.

Say Goodbye To Regret

Life throws so much our way. So many chances and opportunity. We dare to dream and we sometimes we are disappointed with the outcomes. This is 100% okay! What is not okay is looking about at what could have been. This jeopardizes your current being and even those around you. You are meant to be exactly where you are right this very moment. Don’t let “what if” keep you from looking ahead.

Your journey through each and every day cannot be lived fully if you allow toxic thoughts and experiences to slow you down. Release them. Let them be free, so you can let yourself be free too.




The Immersion Game

Last week, I touched base on finding your ideal time to meditate and practice your weekly yoga. This week, it’s all about embracing meditation to its full extent. I’m talking being conscious at every turn. And I’m talking about exercising all five of your senses in your journey to finding inner peace.

Our bodies are an amazing gift and they deserve to be appreciated and acknowledged in everything we do. It’s time to wake up each and every one of your senses.


Our eyes are truly windows to the soul. Taking the time to slow down the crazy whirlwind and look around is a great place to start. Even the most common of things to observe like people passing by. What are their stories? What’s your story for that matter? Staying conscious of the world around you quite literally opens your eyes to your own wellbeing.


Now, close your eyes. Listen. It’s amazing when you allow yourself to channel a certain sense when you isolate another. Listen to the happenings nearby. Consider how these sounds effect the way you feel. If the feels are negative, can you change your perspective?


Every time you approach a meal, snack, or drink, the flavor will influence you. Your mood is directly connected to your taste and if you can learn to identify certain tastes with feelings or even memories, the sensations become so much more valuable to the experience.


It’s the most basic form of connection. Human touch becomes so important when you are actively thinking about different textures and even coming into contact with another human. Touch can be to care, to heal, to show affection. It’s such a great power we’re given as humans to communicate without words.


Whether walking into a friend’s home or giving my kids a little squeeze, my life is full of so many distinct scents. And with most of them, I associate with a memory from my journey through this life. The memories make me smile, keep me humble and grounded, and remind me of how the past can affect our present and future.

Remember your body is yours. It is your power to harness and control. Walk through life using it to its full potential and you open the door to a more spiritual way of being.



The Immersion Game

What Time Is Yoga Time?

This year isn’t about if you’re doing yoga; it’s all about when. It’s so incredible what yoga has done for me. It’s opened my eyes and mind to a whole new perspective of living my purest life. What’s even more incredible, the time of day you practice actually influences your experience. Let’s explore the key differences.

Good Morning

Your body is cyclical. It rises, peaks then comes back down. Yoga in the morning is the perfect way to give your body and mind that extra boost of empowerment for the day ahead. Your metabolism is awoken and fired up. And with this boost also brings you back down and grounded for the day. The meditation relaxes the mind and prepares you for the rest of your day. Whatever ups or downs may follow, your mind and soul will remain balanced.

Good Evening

Just as morning yoga bring plenty of benefits, evenings hold their own just fine as well. The day is winding down and you’ve experienced more than you think. Many times, falling asleep can be a challenge, with all of the day's struggles and celebrations still buzzing in your mind and spirit. This means yoga is the perfect vessel to absorb all your feelings and channel them into something amazing into your soul. Your muscles have also had enough time to warm and are ready for a thorough session. Along with the reflection and adequate prep time, evening yoga can begin the relaxation process when it’s time for sleep.

Good Afternoon

This time of day isn’t always available, but noon hour and beyond brings its share of advantages. It’s a break from the day. The days can be long and taxing on your minds and sometimes an afternoon session is the key to break up the hectic. This mid-day reset can completely revolutionize your afternoon and even the evening hours of your daily routines.

So, the choice is ultimately yours. Ask yourself how you will benefit from the various times of the day. Yoga is truly for every single person who seeks to better themselves physically while also flexing those inner spirit muscles. Find comfort in knowing you have the power within you to change everything else.



What Time Is Yoga Time?

Make A Resolution the Solution

Welcome to new beginnings. Get ready to embrace life as you have never before. It’s a clean slate, so this week, I’m taking full advantage of this opportunity and preparing both my mind and soul for a truly transcendent year.

Today, I’m closing last year’s chapter and only looking back with fondness. No matter where the year took me, it’s important to remember that the past cannot define you and your path this year.


Hold and Release

Let’s start with the basics. Let go of what worried you last year. Things you dwelt on for too long, those moments that ate up your energy and spirit, it’s time to release them all. That negative energy does not deserve to walk with you into this new year of opportunity. Only when you set free of all that held you down can you find a clean slate to write this next chapter. So give your spirit and soul the cleansing it deserves. It’s time to breathe anew.


Keep All Resolutions You Centered

I know I preach a lot about staying in check with yourself and your inner spirit. And this year, I’m putting this message front and center with my New Year goals and I’m hoping you do the same. Keeping others in mind is always a wonderful notion, but it’s what you do for yourself that matters. It begins when you look inward. Starting from there and working out keeps you balanced.


Look Kindly On Failure

No one likes to hear that they failed. But I’m here to tell you that it’s a beautiful thing. It’s growth in disguise! Our path is not always clear and sometimes we experience blocks and contingencies. Things don’t always go as we hoped in our individual journeys. Here’s the key: failure is not the same as quitting. Failure is a lesson and, trust me you’ll learn plenty of those in the coming year. As human beings we would not progress individually or as an entire existence without the cycle of failure. Quitting on the other hand leaves you with nothing.


If you can channel both failure and success to work to your advantage in your path through 2018, you’ll be amazed at how many more chances you’ll get at finding growth.


I am so excited to watch you all grow and change this year. Stay honest with yourself.