Take Charge Of Your Stress

The holiday season is filled to the brim as a mixed bowl of wonderful times and plenty of stressors. I’ve had so many people ask me how to get rid of stress in their life. Like 100% stress-be-gone. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you cannot completely eliminate strain and triggers from your day-to-day. In many ways, stress can be good to us. It keeps us grounded and on task. Stress is also a reminder that we are human and connected with both ourselves and one another, finding common ground through shared familiarities.

Though it isn’t something we can just wave a wand and “POOF” make disappear, there are a few sure-fire ways to confront these stressors and work through them, bringing us closer to a calm in this crazy time of year.

Is It All Stress?

Sometimes, we let situations take control of our emotions without necessarily understanding why we’re upset. It’s that initial occurrence that sparks the feelings of stress and anxiety that, when not worked through, will build in themselves. When stress comes to call, I want you to really consider pausing. Let go of what’s causing the emotion and consider the situation. Is what’s happening truly cause for worry? If so, take it in steps and analysis what needs to be done. If the stress is unwarranted, release it from your thoughts and keep moving forward with your day. 

Mind & Body: A Lovely Marriage

Stress can have some serious power over us. It can physically affect our bodies and take a major toll on our confidence, drive, and happiness. Bridging the gap between our spirit and our physical state is the key.

I find yoga is the true key here as it guides us toward truly hearing our bodies as much as we know our minds. We are then in control of how both of these things react to a situation. Bringing your mind and body together brings a new power to counter stressors and bring out the true inner warrior in you, ready to combat it at every turn.

This week, instead of avoiding that which stresses you, embrace the madness. Accept what you cannot change and work both your mind and body through what you can. We all have that inner strength. All it takes is the time to let it shine through.




Spread Joy. Find Joy.

A lot of times, I try to leave you asking yourself some questions. Usually it’s  along the lines of what you’re doing to nurture your well being, asking you to never stop seeking inner serenity. But this week, especially this extraordinary time of year, I’ll ask you something a little different.

What are you doing this year for others? By now you’re probably a pro at seeking out positivity in life and diminishing the obstacles within yourself. But what about how you’re effecting people? We are all focusing on finding peace within, but you just might find what you’re searching for through others.

Let’s break this down. Many times, I take in situations with a proactive response rather than a reactive.  “Okay, so this has happened, not what can I do to change it for the better?” This practice has kept me from being too effected by the things in which I can’t control. After flipping situations on their head time and time again, through meditation and practice, I’ve gotten pretty good at it! But what about those who aren’t learned in this way? The ones who are in need this year. It may be time to reach to heights and branch out to others.

It could be volunteering or donating time or money. It could be even a warm smile or well wishes. But these things that seem so simple to you and me can change another human’s entire life. Thinking of others near and far and how you can bring them inner peace this season is what wellness is all about. And when it is well with their souls, that’s where it happens: the change within yours too.

This week I want you to consider, not the material things you’re grateful for, but those spiritual and inner gifts you have. This sort of internal power is in us all, and we have a responsibility as fellow human beings to strengthen each other this time of year.

Love one another, do what you can for others, and the calmness will follow.




The Calm Before The Winter Storm

I hope everyone survived the tornado of turkey and stuffing last week. What an enlightening time to reflect on all the joys that life and its experiences bring us. I was able to connect so much better with my inner flow this past week when all the hectic of the outside world melted away just for a few days. I feel somehow revitalized, ready to look ahead to the coming winter.

And with the winter approaching, I consider the inevitable storms that follow close behind. I’m not necessarily saying the snow itself, though that’s no fun for anyone who’ll be dealing with all that ice and slush. No, I’m saying this time of year, we all may be seeing a certain storm on the horizon. I want you to think. What’s your own personal storm? Is it the craziness of holiday shopping? Or preparing for that main event of hosting the big party? Or the traveling and craziness of reaching each and every destination?

No matter what worry comes knocking, we’re all dealing with something this time of year. And I find a sense of calm in this knowledge. This brings us all together as one mankind. No matter where you are, this time of year seems to flow through us all with alike feelings of possible stress, planning, anxiousness, and ultimate joy. I’ll be working on finding my joy this week by reminding myself the good outweighs the stresses that come my way. When those times sneak into my brain, I take that time to unplug and reflect on each situation. What’s causing this storm in my mind? Is it as severe as I think or is it merely a flurry?

Don’t forget, your mind and soul are of utmost importance, especially this time of year. Check in with yourself whenever the clouds roll in and let your mind and body work them through together, letting go of what you can’t control and embrace the rest.




Thanksgiving Is More Than Just Turkey

This week marks the unspoken prelude to the holiday season. How are we all fairing this week? Maybe it’s the time of year or maybe we’re all just a little more self-aware, but this week I feel more in tune and grounded. Yes, just outside this little blog post is the frantic world of traffic and family squabble and all the mania that follows, but none of that matters this week.

This week is all about the feeling. The feeling of inner peace, the feeling of love. You may be spreading that contagious feeling or you may be seeking it out where you need it most. What matters is that now is the time to begin channeling these feeling and it’s so very important to recognize them in every form. If you’re working on finding inner peace, how has this year affected this goal? Or if you’ve been spreading these positive vibes to others, have they shown signs of positive change?

As human beings, we have an obligation to radiate our purest traits. Those of progression, goodwill and all other traits of our most native essence. You may be all the difference to a loved one going through tough times, or even a complete stranger! These are the things I look forward to discussing this Thursday around the dinner table. I want to work together with those I love most to find what it is in our lives that bring about our utmost peace.

I know this is a pretty hectic week, but don’t forget to take time for yourself. You can’t spread your inner beauty if it isn’t healthily maintained. During the hustle and bustle, step aside to a quiet space and take some time to just breathe. Let go of what you can’t control and focus on what has led you to where you are today. Find gratitude in the here and now.

I hope you have a very lovely Thanksgiving and safe travels.




Finding Thankful.

This year’s journey is nearing its end and every year around this time I try and look inward to reflect and truly understand what it means to give thanks.

I’m not talking about a few seconds at the dinner table amongst friends and family. It means so much more than that when you take the time to define what giving thanks means to you.

Being thankful can be a matter of perspective when you consciously slow down and evaluate what’s happening in real time. What’s going amazingly in your life at this moment? Or even what little things do we take for granted that we have to be thankful for? You’ve got a place to call home, people to call family, even something as simple as wifi and a computer! Your soul finds enrichment through staying humble and forever thankful for the life you’re living. Acknowledge things you’re thankful for. Do this daily. This reinforces a level of awareness to all of the incredible gifts you’ve been given throughout your path.

Savor the imprints. What does this mean? It’s every time someone connected on an emotional or spiritual level with you. It’s the moments when you allowed yourself to grow because of how you reacted to a situation. Remembering to nurture that mind-body connection brings you closer to inner peace. Embrace those things you’re truly thankful for and be vocal about each and every one of them. Spreading the word only spreads the positive vibes.

“Silent gratitude isn't very much use to anyone." -Gertrude Stein

And don’t forget to thank yourself. You do such incredible things for your own well-being and that’s so special.  Namaste, Erin


Mindfulness to Manage Expectations

It’s common practice: when we set goals we have expected results. But what happens if our goals don’t turn out? Are they swept away and forgotten? Or can we push back and rally? Absolutely!

When setting goals, whether day-to-day or long term, there are a few stipulations we need to remember. First, what are your non-negotiables? As in, what are the things you simply can’t compromise? Is it the expectation itself? The timeliness of it? The way in which the goal is reached? Keeping this non-negotiables straight in your head will keep you on the right path.

Second, what happens if our goals and expectations don’t go the way we’d planned? The biggest thing to remember? Act instead of react. This mindset shifts the perspective and may very well prevent you from projecting a negative response. Taking action is more constructive toward the goal and getting yourself where you want to be. It puts you in control and keeps you mindful. It’s amazing how just a few little shifts to your approach toward goals can have a major impact on the results and the journey to them.

Your mind is your most beautiful asset. Exercise it regularly.




Living with Radical Purpose

You are awake. You are alive. You live with radical purpose. Or do you? Does that voice inside you tell you are meant for more?


It’s about living your destiny. Living your truth.

A purposeful life is not the life we are constantly looking for, it’s the life we are actively living. 

We get bombarded with messages of how we are supposed to live our lives. Whether by our parents, our bosses, our spouses, our friends, etc. But do we get the message of how to live from our own voice? Who do we want to be as humans? How do we want to live OUR lives?

Allow yourself to become clear where you stand right now, today. Ask Who am I? Once you are clear with who you truly are, your true sense of purpose begins to surface.

How would your life be different?

Share your soul, your heart, your love.



Finding Your Inner BadA$$

You are a BadA$$. You might not think you are, but let’s face it. There has been that one moment that you had that inner glow because you got your dues and were proud of yourself. Where is that person? How often do you let that inner BadA$$ out? Probably, not as often as you should, am I right?

 So, let’s think back to that point in time when you were fierce and unstoppable. Where you were in the best place in your life. Is that now? If so, kudos to you…keep on keeping on. However, if not, I assure you, he or she is in there.

3 things to find your Inner BadA$$:

1.    Stop Doubting yourself. Remind yourself, daily if necessary of your accomplishments. You are a BadA$$ because you trusted your gut. The biggest weapon in our self-destruction is our own mindset. If you analyze, overthink, ponder endlessly…STOP! Live in the moment. Trust me on this…It is exhilarating.

2.    Commit, Commit, Commit. Commitment is hard. I’m not going to try and tell you that it isn’t. When you invest in yourself, we learn how much we are truly capable of. Never give up, Never give in!

3.    Let go of FEAR. Yes, fear is scary. If it wasn’t it would be called something else. So, I challenge you to let go. Call it out. Letting go of that fear is the only way to bring true peace to our lives. Do you want to be consumed by fear or do you want to be filled with peace?

 So, the next time, your day, week, month has you feeling defeated or not your best you, look within. Take care of the emotions and find that confidence that is there, deep inside. Then say hello to your BADA$$ self.



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