Become One with your Body

Spring and Summer are busy times of the year. With graduations, weddings, vacations, holidays, it is easy to stay calm and peaceful and allow the noise to take over. Your body is speaking to you all the time. 

Learning how to communicate with your body can be one of the most effective ways to stay in good physical and mental health. 


Give your body the attention it deserves. Rest when you are tired. Being tired is pretty easy to spot in our kids, but what about you? Are you listening to your body when you are running low on energy due to lack of sleep? Sleep resets our systems, gives us energy, and feeds our body. When you are in open communication with your body, you function better.


Movement is one of my favorite ways to be in tune with my body. I am always amazed at what a body can do. Practices such as yoga and other forms of exercise create balance in body, mind, and spirit.


Now that the weather is getting nicer and things are greening up, get outside and connect with nature. Kick off your shoes and ground yourself with the earth. Getting outside and connecting with nature will help you to connect with your nature – your body.




No Time for Patience?


The thought of being patient seems like something of the past like when grandmother's used to say "Patience is a virtue." And, while that is true, in the age of Red Bull, Snap Chat, Google, etc. the common thread is more energy, instant gratification, and more speed.

In the practice of Yoga, you have the unique opportunity to build respect and a relationship with patience. It is a practice which allows each and every one of us the art of opening up, allowing things to process, and appreciate the things we want most for our lives. 

You don't have to make everything happen. The beauty of life is to allow things to unfold as they were meant to be. Sometimes we just need to slow down and listen. 




Mood Boosting, Naturally

In a world full of everyone always on the go and rushing around, many times we don’t realize how overwhelmed we can get until we finally slow down and are stuffed to the gills with stress and negative energy. No one wants all of their free time to be filled with anxiety and aftermath of a crazy day. Luckily there are few simple, easy practices you can do right at home to take the edge of some of that negative and draw out the positive within again.

A Massage

I’m not telling you to go out and get a fancy pants massage (though that’s an option if you like!). Even an at-home session with a loved one or even a self-given massage can be just the ticket. Having a massage even just once or twice a week does amazing things for your overall mood and feeling. It’s an incredible way to physically work out the stressors of the day while allowing time to just enjoy a moment of rest and unwind in that feeling. Now, doesn’t a back rub sounds pretty good right about now?

A Nap

Some days, it may be just as simple as you’re a little tired, so the world seems a little more in your face. Your inner peace can’t stay peaceful if you feel life coming at you from all angles. If you’re able to, a 20-30 minute nap is the answer. Hitting the pause button and turning the dial to recharge can greatly affect the rest of your experiences that day. The silent privacy is just enough to let go of all that’s bogging you down. Napping can bring you out of your funk and drastically elevate your mood. Plus you get to sleep which is always a bonus. 

A Morning Stretch

There are countless ways to stretch in the a.m. and countless good things it’ll be doing for your mind and body for the whole rest of the day! Stretching, even for a few minutes wakes up your body fully. It releases tightness and tensions but physically and mentally. The blood gets to flow throughout and your brain shakes off the dust from a good night’s sleep. When your body is fully prepared for the day’s path, so goes your mind and spirit.

These little practices are quick and simple and rely mostly on preference! All of them point to one important factor: your well being. I’ve tried to walk my path when I wasn’t fully committed to the cause and it just isn’t the same. Taking care of yourself and your emotional status will do wonders for every other aspect of your being.




Rise Above The Daily Drain

It seems in today’s world, that no matter how bright the sun shines or how loud the birds chirp, negativity tries to chirp a little louder. From co-workers to tuning into the evening news, there always seems to be something to complain about. 

Where are the celebration moments? Who’s got all the ‘happy’?

When life tries to creep up on us with its downer ways, it’s time to fight back with a little positive reinforcement. 

“Yes, BUT”

This is a teeny tiny phrase that will start doing wonders when you experience a not-so-peppy situation. When negativity comes to call, there is always, ALWAYS a bright side. 

Your job as a seeker of peace (both inward and outward) is to turn that bad juju on its head. Listen and consider, then work to find the better angle. Each little victory shifts your frame of mind, better equipping you for whatever comes down the pike. You’ll find what seemed like even large problems before have a bright side to them. 

The Greater Good

Something that I’ve been recently working on is discovering my place in the bigger picture. I look around and see so many different issues, opinions, and even hatred expressed on all sides, and I find myself getting discouraged for our future. 

BUT, I remind myself that I’m here, right here right now, for a reason. And that reason is to somehow bring about feelings of love and inner connectivity with those around me. This message becomes more and more powerful when up against a world of problems. 

Today, try being one little solution. 

Process, Don’t Block

Bringing about a positive energy doesn’t mean by any account that you aren’t allowed to feel. Processing each and every emotion makes us human, asking the question of why. Why do we let certain situations trigger unhappy feelings? How can we work to overcome and find a healthier path of peace and serenity? 

Slow yourself down. Experience your array of feelings, but don’t let your emotions overwhelm you.

Rising above the problems of today takes a strong willpower. It’s a will to change and challenge that which restricts growth. Allow your mind to become more open and opportunistic. The journey will almost always start from within. 




Spring Cleaning - YOGA STYLE

The warmth of Spring is quickly making its debut. And as we begin this new season - many of us are diving deep into some Spring Cleaning. Now, Spring Cleaning isn't for just closets. It's also for our bodies. 


When our bodies are overloaded, a detox is a simple and beneficial way to reset and remove toxins from the body. When done correctly — that is to say, in a healthy, safe and controlled environment —getting your body clean and healthy can result in a wide range of positive effects. Consider a liquid or juice cleanse for a short period of time or eliminate foods that do not serve our bodies such as sugar. 

Our good friend and High Vibe Health Coach, Bobbi Diclaudio is one of our go-to resources for detoxing. Here is one of her favorite detox smoothies and delicious too:

Makes 1 Serving

1 cup coconut milk
1 tablespoon raw cacao powder
½ teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 frozen banana
1 tablespoon of raw honey or 1-2 drops of stevia



Holing on to that extra little weight in the winter is, well, it happens to the best of us. Holding on to other things like emotions, fears, stress, and anxiety isn't good for anyone. Journaling is a great outlet to literally empty out your mind and clean out the old matter that we need to work through.


As we are ridding our physical space of unwanted items, these specific yoga poses help to release the old and make space for new inspiration.

Eagle Arms with Free Movement: This pose stretches the upper back, the upper lat muscles, deltoids, and shoulders

Low Lunge: This pose stretches the front of the legs, the hip flexors, the knees, and the ankles.

Squat: This pose stretches the hips, the glute muscles, the groins, the knees, the ankles, and the inner thighs.

Focus on something that brings you peace and call upon a feeling of tranquility. Allow the body to find stillness. Let go.




Spring Awakening

It’s finally here. The feelings of a fresh start have come and this week is all about getting ready the best way possible. With every season change, holiday, or special occasion, I try to find meaning for them, and for Spring, I see an incredible opportunity to say “Yes!” to new experiences.

Sometimes that means, letting others be your guide.

Lessons From Others

I think those you choose to surround yourself with are your best teachers as you embrace the new season of growth. These people are the ones you trust, the ones you know you best, and most importantly the ones who will be your guide into this brighter time of year.

Sometimes we seek and seek when it proves most beneficial to let others lead the way. Let go and enjoy the journey, allowing yourself an open mind and no specific expectations. So listen and ask questions. Be open to new ideas. Take every new chance you’re given. Growth is bound to happen in this way.

Lessons From Yourself

While spending time with others to help further your growth is important, so much is it valuable to look inward. To take full advantage of this season of change and renewal, delve new paths. Whether that be spiritual, mental, or even a physical trip to experience Spring firsthand, the soul needs refreshment just as much as the world you’re traveling through.

I know after these long winter months, I am so very prepared to further explore meditation techniques that will pull me in closer with myself. Practice allotting time for you, and time for others. This separation will aid you in tracking what elements of your life are stimulating the most growth.

Never stop seeking to better yourself. The body and soul yearn for growth and what better time than the presence of Spring!



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The Art Of An Open Mind

As I’ve made my way through this life, one thing is certain: I’ve never stopped growing. Whether taking up a new hobby, learning something new, or staying inquisitive, growth is pretty much unavoidable. The hardest part, though? Growing in the best possible way. Sounds a little confusing, but what I’m really getting at is making sure to keep an open mind about things that are new or foreign.

When we let our walls come down and put aside what we think we know, new experiences and moments to grow have their way of finding us. 

Consider Different View Points

Growth is a funny thing. It can only happen when you allow your mental and spiritual capacity to expand. We can do this by setting aside all we think we know and showing our vulnerable side. Look. Listen. Consider that others have lived life a different way and their lessons could benefit you too. Shifting perspective sometimes brings new ideas to light.

Exercising your learning muscles by putting judgments aside opens so many new doors.

See The World Anew

Part of opening your mind to new possibilities is taking on new challenges. Things that you’ve always wanted to do, but have never taken the first step now becomes step one! Is it a new skill? Or a trip you’ve been dreaming of taking? Pushing your own capabilities yields some pretty sweet fruit. It’s something we don’t always feel the most at home doing, but that’s what makes it so worth it.

Humble Yourself

Growing does the soul good; it’s what humanizes us. Through experiences and lessons, we are able to be thankful for the opportunities for growth. Remember this and take every chance you get. Life is lived at its fullest when a “yes” frame of mind follows you.

When you welcome new possibilities, you’ll never stop growing.



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How To Counter Grouchy Days

We all get them. Those occasional times during a week when we’re not as peppy as we’d like to be! We’re human. It’s understandable that each and every moment isn’t going to be sunshine and serenity. But what if we had the chance to control those negative moments and say “Not today!”   

Sometimes, it’s all about shifting our perspective and embracing the positivity around us that expels the bad. If we can understand what brings our mood down, we have a better chance at countering it.  

Stop and Check In 

When the grouchies come to call, I find the best first step is to not TAKE any steps. Rather, pause and take time for meditation. Insight is your greatest strength here. When we look inside ourselves and analyze what’s troubling us, sometimes the right answers present themselves. 

Reflection is a perfect practice for countering and working through those negative emotions. When you no longer give them power, moving forward and away from them is easy peasy. 

Better yet make a little list of everything weighing on you. Take that list, look at it, and throw it away. Letting go of the negative makes room for optimism and even tranquility.  

Consider Your Impact 

It’s one thing to have a bad day and feel a little down. It’s a whole new arena when your feelings reflect outward and cause those around you to be affected. 

Being a positive influence through this life does so much more than you think. Even on a rough day, if you project an inviting aura, it has the potential to make all the difference for those around you. They sometimes need you more than you think. As fellow human beings, how we interact and treat each other makes all the difference.  

Do Something Kind 

Whether you really feel up to it or not, I’m here to tell you that going out of your way to bring a positive experience to someone can do wonders for YOU. Being a change, even a small one, in another’s life means something. It means you have true power to bring happiness in this world. It’s up to you and the more opportunities you take, the closer you will bring to rising out of that funk and being at peace again.  

We all have a bad day, but we also have the choice to do something about it. 




“Keep choosing happiness daily and happiness will keep choosing you back” - Fawn Weaver 

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